Comfy Offices That Serve As Vibrant Inspiration For Home

Comfy Offices That Serve As Vibrant Inspiration For Home

These ultra modern, cool and comfy work places don’t just show us all the places we wished we worked, they provide bags of vibrant inspiration to implement in our very own homes! We’re going to take a tour through vibrant sitting rooms, open plan layouts, colourful decor palettes, modern furniture arrangements, cool lighting solutions, and modern staircase designs that would translate fabulously into many residential builds. These are spaces that promote connection, interaction, creative energy and good vibes, which is something we all could use a lot more of–whether at work collaborating with colleagues, or at home engaging with our family and personal projects.

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  • Photographer: Seth Powers
At the WeWork offices in Taipei, there is a home from home atmosphere. Comfy sofas are upholstered in different fabrics to fashion a relaxed, informal vibe. The use of mixed fabrics gives the room a sunny feel, which would have the same welcoming effect in private residences too.

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There is a square coffee table by each modern sofa, which push natural wood tone into the heart of each seating arrangement. Wood grain textures the walls of the gathering space too, and floods the floor. Natural materials bring a wonderfully grounding essence into any interior, professional or domestic.

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Indoor plants add to the natural feel of the room, and grow a re-energising, revitalising ambiance. A Bamboo floor lamp adds a heartwarming glow at floor level, and uplifts the beautiful aquascape and the green plant foliage, making them vivid.

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An open plan staircase engages the lounge area with the rest of the building, just as it could in a home environment. An open flow presents opportunity for exchange between team members – or family members.

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An open staircase also frees up useful space in its void. In this instance, a desk has been situated in the under stair nook. Glass blocks build a desk volume that allows light to pass through, giving it a more lightweight appearance.

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Bright wall murals inject energy and personality. This one depicts the food prep taking place in its zone.

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If there’s an unusual nook in a room, make a feature of it. This shallow recess has been framed out in wood effect panels with soffit lighting. Made-to-measure sofas build a plush and useful solution, transforming a slightly awkward area into something very alluring.

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An attractive rug is the perfect way to define a stand-alone area that floats within a larger room plan.

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  • Designer: UP2DATE
This 135 square metre office in Almaty, Kazakhstan, was previously a warehouse. The industrial theme has been maintained and built upon with many new metal installations, like this huge black sheet metal reveal around the single window of the property.

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The lofty 6 meter high ceiling has been well utilised as a mezzanine floor. The top third of the walls have been knocked back to brick to accentuate their height, powerful uplighting adds to the effect.

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Round coffee tables make up the core of the room, encircled by an eclectic collection of chairs and small settees.

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A blue sideboard shakes up the neutral room, along with a piece of yellow wall art.

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All of the engineering was exposed so that the ventilation system became part of the industrial decor.

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Glass walls encase a separate room within the large industrial space, without closing it off from view. The colour scheme in here is a spectrum of warming blush and mauve. The soft hues meld well with the grey palette of the outer room, whilst establishing an independent identity.

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Mood lighting shapes a green and white kitchen into a cosy meeting spot for a cup of coffee. Industrial lighting makes a big feature out of a simple wall-facing bar.

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Neon light burns across an industrial concrete wall.

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  • Designer: VM Project
VM Project’s creative studio is full of ambitious people with enthusiasm for great design and architecture. The office exudes creative energy from every corner.

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Nesting coffee tables create a stepped effect into a snug sitting area, emulating the nearby staircase.

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A red floor lamp and matching sofa cushions scatter bright accents.

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An inspirational quote sets a positive tone across a yellow feature wall.

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The primary red, yellow and blue elements create a wonderful clash that builds excitement, and establishes definition between different areas of the room.

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A modern staircase design opens up a sense of connection between the upper and lower floors.

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Botanical art and indoor plants bring in a sense of the outdoors and freedom.

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Open risers allow line of sight to move through the staircase, making the room feel bigger.

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A beloved motorbike becomes part of the decor.

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A mirrored insert makes an ideal addition to a disused fireplace, along with a bright paint job.

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Vibrant artwork tops the mantel.

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A bespoke balustrade draws attention to the mezzanine.

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  • Designer: Geyer
Uber Offices in Perth, Australia buzz with collaborative energy. This zone of hanging chairs promotes interaction and idea sharing between colleagues.

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A cane room divider beds into long planters to create a hallway.

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Light permeable walls facilitate the free-flow effect of communal spaces. Slouchy lounge chairs promote an informal laid-back vibe.

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Backless bookcases connect two separate sitting areas.

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Copper panels define a formal meeting spot – an idea that would translate perfectly for a formal dining room. See more ideas for copper in interiors.

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An industrial ceiling exaggerates the elongated room shape.

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Large format tiles increase the sense of floor space.

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A kitchen island on wheels offers opportunity for a flexible kitchen layout.

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Slatted doors pull across the kitchen work area when not in use.

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Graduated grey lockers provide a stylish and practical solution in the entryway.

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