Indoor Pool Inspiration: An Aquatic Center in France

Indoor Pool Inspiration: An Aquatic Center in France

You would be forgiven for thinking this to be an exclusive spa or resort but you are in fact looking at the stunning photos of Les Bains Des Docks(The Bath by the Docks) Aquatic Center in Le Havre, France, a public aquatic centre. Designed by architectural firm Ateliers Jean Nouvel the centre includes more than six indoor and outdoor pools including an Olympic sized lap pool.

The indoor pool areas are almost entirely white, the blue and white contrast beautifully, culminating in a relaxing atmosphere, while skylights allow plenty of natural daylight in

The outdoor lap pool with its constant movement, the ever changing sky and the coming and going of people provide an organic softness to the geometric, boxiness and starkness of the white building.

Another outdoor pool with a fabulous waterfall feature and a glass viewing area for those in need of extra relaxation.

Water features help to add movement and height to areas. These ones, located in the vivid children’s area create even more fun for children and adults alike.

Water walls add interest but also serve to separate different areas. A glimpse of colour in other wise white surroundings draw you in.

The view from above the children’s pool area shows the various heights and geometric construction.

The children’s play area has an almost lego like construction quality about it, it’s busy, it’s bright, it’s fun but step out into the pool area and the starkness transports you back in time, reminiscent of the old Roman Baths.

Just another reason to visit France! All public pools should be this beautiful.

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